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Basic informations about metal-tracks :
Produced with high-quality zinc-alloy die cast .
All track-kits contain spare links , steel-bolts , bits and pieces ... etc. (varying from type to type) , as a matter of course , all spare-parts available separate . All types of tracks are compatible with the models in scale 1:15 and 1:16 from Heng Long , Bandai , Tamiya , Doysha and Trumpeter . Furhter advantages with metal tracks are , by driving you have the feeling of reality , the heavy track-links are perfect fit to the wheels and sprockets , no compare with the plastic-tracks . The dashing sound is amazing . Less as a few wearout . Depending on the higher weight , deep lanes in sand , mud and snow .
Your fun will increase to the highest feelings !!!

Basic informations to our accessory and equipment parts :
Produced from high-grade material , tin alloy , in own production . All parts are extreme detailed up to the minutest details . Equivalent or much better than plastik/resin models . All items must pass our qualitycheck .

Attention :

Our assortment will be permanent enlarged ... so take a look from time to time .